Monday, March 31, 2014

It's Your Choice

The Power of Choice is a wonderful thing.  We can’t imagine life without it. We have come to know certain freedoms and this is obviously one of them.  Many decisions we make in the span of a day, that some become almost second nature; what to wear, where and what to eat, and so on; of course choices more important than others.

We make choices as to whom we will interact with on a daily basis as well as our disposition during that episode.  Some relationships draw more from us than others and require patience, kindness, and understanding; all choices that we will make in a split second.

Our choices affect and effect our daily lives as well as the lives of those that we come into contact with.  The opposite is also true; people that we associate with, their choices impact our lives as well, but it’s mostly those that we are in relationship with.  The outcome can be positive or negative.

One relationship that I have chosen, I value above all others. This relationship has always been a positive one; except when I’ve made decisions that have negatively affected me within it.  However, because the love in this relationship never fails, I return, ask for forgiveness, and am accepted back and the relationship continues.  This connection is the source of strength, joy, and love which helps me get through some tough days (Mondays).

No one can make your choices for you.  So today chose life; chose to be a positive example, chose to make a difference, chose to be a beacon of light that brightens someone’s day.  You never know what they have had to deal with in the last 24-48 hours.

It’s your choice; chose you this day…

This has been your 80 seconds of encouragement.