Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Get Lifted

I’m a firm believer in education.  I’ve seen firsthand what it can do for a family or individual.  Growing up in a small town and coming from meager means, college wasn’t talked about in our family, neither did the academic counselors or teachers talk about it much; frankly, I don’t remember them talking to me about it at all, but that’s neither here nor there.

If there is a will there is a way.  I had the will, I just needed to find a way; cue the Army Recruiter entering from stage right.  You’re in the Army now so “Be all that you can be.”

My educational story isn’t like most and I’m sure not so different than others.  My plan was to take the Army up on their offer of the College Fund.  I’d join for three years, after which I’d come back home with the money to pay for college.  I don’t truly know where I got the idea to go to college, but just knew that it was something that I wanted to do.  I didn’t know how profound or important that decision was until years later.

There are many facets that can be used to obtain funding for college.  There's a plethora of choices that can be employed to ensure a good education.  I was not savvy enough to plumb the depths of possibilities, nor did we have the internet back then so I couldn’t Google it, however I couldn’t use those facts as an excuse.

After graduating high school, I joined the Army, so it took me nineteen years to obtain my bachelor’s degree.  I don’t recommend you taking that long, but it was what it was.  Life happened with all of its intricacies and almost nineteen years later I accomplished my goal. One thing about education and knowledge, once you have it, it can never be taken away.

With my education I have been able to parlay my life in the military to one of greater success.  I recall after being married, my wife commented on my military earnings; let’s just say it was less than flattering.  I still tease her about it sometimes, especially since God has blessed us so much.

I’ve seen firsthand what an education can do.  That’s why I push and stress education so much.  If it can do that on an individual basis, just think what it could do for family, a community, a city, a state, or even a country.  Creative solutions exist to ensure those that desire a college education can obtain it.  Some would want you to think that it’s impossible.  Tell them with God all things are possible.

If you want it then go get it; it’s yours for the asking.  It took me nineteen years; it doesn’t have to take you that long.  Just know there is hope.  Also know that, after you get approved, you will have to put in the work to be successful in achieving that goal.  In all honesty, it is definitely worth the work. 

This has been your 80 seconds of encouragement.